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Jul 31, 2019

5 Charlotte Basement Bars that you can escape the rain and beat the heat at this Summer

Posted by Amanda Erskine • Where To Drink

While spending the warm-weather days, drinking out on a patio is an important part of Charlotte culture, the dead heat of Summer can make this activity more of a chore than anything. Sitting with your rapidly warming seasonal IPA and that shirt that you shouldn’t have worn because it shows all of the places that you’re currently sweating, might be the least appealing sounding way to spend a hot day. 

Luckily, Charlotte’s culture also means that we believe in air-conditioning, and you know where it’s even cooler? Underground. 

Charlotte has a handful of basement bars that are calling your name, when the weatherman is calling for 95 degree weather with cloudless skies. 

  1. The Cellar at Duckworth’s. If your outfit calls for a fancier venue, or you’re just looking to be wine and dined while avoiding the brutal heat, check out this cool, speakeasy below Duckworth’s Uptown location. 

  2. Room 1812. This Charlotte speakeasy is located below new, Southend restaurant, The Manchester. You’ll need the secret password to get in, which is shared on their Instagram story every day!

  3. Jeff’s Bucket Shop. The classic spot for any occasion, Jeff’s also is the perfect place to go when you’re looking to get out of the sun, and break out in song. 

  4. SIP. An oldie, but a goodie, Uptown’s corner bar, SIP has a basement that will bring you back to the years where your only worry was which fraternity party you were going to avoid and which bubble necklace to wear with your Chevron shirt. 

  5. Roxbury. My personal favorite, and the most fun basement around, The Roxbury offers a cool downstairs with mirrors lining every wall and 80’s and 90’s bangers all night long. It’s a narcissist’s dream!