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Oct 31, 2017

7 things you should know about Sophia's Lounge and what it has to offer

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Every new place in Charlotte deserves a chance to woo each trendy visitor who loves food, good drinks and an atmosphere they’ll request to spend time in over and over. Sophia’s Lounge inside the Ivey’s Hotel on Fifth Street is no different. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped inside a super-swanky lounge with seriously big city vibes. Which is essentially what Sophia’s Lounge is — Charlotte is growing! Here are seven things to know plus a few takeaways.

  • Sophia’s Lounge can be considered a stop along the way in your night out journey. Situated past 5 Church and across from Cowbell Burger Bar, it will put you smack dab in the middle of a lively Uptown Charlotte. It’s one of those pre-bars before the bar.

  • This place is fancy. I would recommend dressing up a little more than usual. It has a very swanky look and feel from the drinks, to the decor, to the music and everything in between.

  • The drinks are between about $14-$18 — a bit of a splurge, but they’re craft cocktails, after all and my favorite was the Melon’ Dramatic, with the Where is the Honey, a close second.

  • The decor is unmatched in a cocktail lounge in Charlotte. You’ll notice the gallery wall of mirrors, plush couches and chairs, and Victorian-esque furniture that is as elegant as it is artsy.

  • Consider Sophia’s Lounge for a romantic evening out or a girl’s night. It fits both situations perfectly — and know that they limit the capacity of visitors at any given time, so you won’t be competing with obnoxiously loud music or  rubbing elbows with everyone else there.

  • It’s named after Queen Charlotte, as in the same Queen our city is named after! (Her first name was Sophia.)

  • The kitchen and bar is operated by the same team behind the exquisite food and drinks at 5 Church… so you know it’ll be good. For something light, choose the cucumber bruschetta. For something with a little more umph, go for the Filet Mignon toast. Delicious!

Dress a little fancier and stay a while at Sophia’s Lounge. The reasons you should are obvious. Let us know what you think!