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May 15, 2019

A group for karaoke lovers and performers alike, Karaoke Charlotte, Launches Tomorrow!

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There are few activities that can truly create a strong bond between a group of complete strangers. While Charlotte offers some of these activities (such as, Adult sports leagues, gyms, and alumni associations), there is one activity that can turn a mild acquaintance into a best friend in a matter of 3-4 minutes:Karaoke.

Luckily for karaoke lovers, Charlotte has a handful of businesses that cater to all of your singing needs, but for those of you who don’t know and are looking to expand on your love for singing to your favorite hits,  there happens to be a community built specifically for karaoke lovers and fanatics, and it is located right here in the Queen City.

Karaoke Charlotte is Charlotte’s premier karaoke group for people who love community, friendship, goodtimes, and of course, karaoke.

The group was started back in 2016 by Chris Barber, through the app, Meetup, and at the time was called “A Not So Empty Orchestra,” as a nod to the Japanese meaning of Karaoke: an empty orchestra. When it first began, a lot of people shared their interest in joining the group, but as far as regular attendees, the meetings were limited to about 3-4 members. Now, things have changed. The group really started to take off in 2017-2018 when Chris brought on his co-founders, Heather Huff and Derek Bastien. While Heather took on the task of recruitment, Derek placed his focus on planning the events and increasing community engagement and now, they have about 50 dedicated members in the group.


Their recent rebrand to Karaoke Charlotte has been inspired due to the relocation of some key members, including Heather, back in February of this year. While they are saddened by the absence of their friends and partners, they have decided to not let the club die, but to rather focus on all the good times that were had and invite more karaoke lovers to join and help create more.

With this rebrand, it is their mission to introduce a new chapter of community amongst karaoke enthusiasts in Charlotte, in a way that has never before been seen, and expand the community even further. They’ve been counting down for the past 10 days on Facebook to their launch party, and the feedback that they’ve received through their website has been astounding. Already, they’ve added more members to the group chat, and they’ve already started discussing further expansion and more events due to the high-demand of a group for the Charlotte karaoke community.


Some changes that have come with the rebrand is the addition of Beau Walker, as co-founder and Creative Director, and Anthony L. Dawkins as the official Photographer of Karaoke Charlotte events.  They have also launched their new website and social media handles, introduced a new logo, planned a monthly newsletter, and created a new members chat.

Thursday, May 16th, is the inaugural presentation of the new, Karaoke Charlotte. Their launch party will be held at Jeff’s Bucket Shop at 7pm. Singers and non-singers alike are welcome!

They will have a limited run of t-shirts available, along with SWAG, opportunities to apply for their Board, and changes to join the club!

Interested in becoming a member? Show up to any of their events in order to be added to the members chat! Events are free and occur on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at Jeff’s Bucket Shop at 9pm. Interested but not sure yet? You can still subscribe to their monthly newsletter on their website.