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May 29, 2019

A new self-serve bar is open near the BB&T Stadium for your next Uptown outing

Posted by Katie Vaas • Uptown Nightlife

Open just about a week now, this is a unique spot not only in that it is a bar Uptown where you pour your own beverages, but it also doesn’t have a Facebook Page. However, it does have an Instagram account!  This spot has been highly anticipated since early 2018, and officially opened mid-May.  It is nestled into the corner retail space between 4th and Graham Street under the Mint Apartments Uptown.

We were drawn to the location for the specific location.  It is the perfect gathering point for a quick drink before catching a Charlotte Knights Game.  By quick drink I mean literally, almost instantaneous, as it is self-serve. Many readers may be familiar with Hoppin' in South End, and Taproom Social is of a similar concept.  Brief process overview: You walk in, provided your credit card and ID, and get a wristband that enables you to get as much beer or as many different kinds are you want from the tap wall.  They have on draft beers, wines, kombucha, and even a cold brew. The novelty of this is quite fun, albeit a bit pricey as you are paying a bit more per ounce than you would at an establishment where you are served.  

The best part of these kinds of bars is not necessarily cost savings (or lack thereof) or even the location.  The best part if the ability for a big group to gather, enjoy each other’s company, but still be independent. There is no need to all agree on a brewery as multiple local favorites are on tap.  There is no need to worry about how to split the bill as each person pays for exactly what they drink and only that. There is also no need to be concerned with where to sit as the atmosphere enables mingling so the more the merrier and eventually everyone in the bar can be friends.  

So, make Taproom Social your Uptown spot to gather and make friends.  Whether that is before a Knights Game, after work, for their Run Club (Monday Nights), or any of the other social events they have on tap (check out their Instagram for the latest updates); Taproom Social is where you can independently gather with ease.