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Jul 24, 2019

Authentic Korean Street Food in the heart of South End

Posted by Katie Vaas • Southend Nightlife

Want the perfect restaurant to pop into, and grab some small bites of delicious and authentic Asian street fair?  Then, you need to go to Hawkers.  Well, one small caveat, you may not necessarily be able to randomly pop-in, you may have to call ahead or be willing to wait 45+ minutes for an open table. This place is always packed!  Recently, I went on a Wednesday night at 7:30 pm and my girlfriends and I had a 45-minute wait. To be honest, it was totally worth it. 

Being part of the vibrant and booming area of South End, and conveniently located within steps of Jeni’s ice cream.  Hawker’s boasts a large patio/porch with colorful furniture and big garage-style doors that open-up the place providing a truly authentic street fare vibe, perfect for only a semi-muggy night, allowing the a/c to still blast.  

Our group had worked together on a program for the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea, so we were excited to reconnect over some authentic Asian dishes.  Authenticity is definitely a priority in this establishment. The founders were inspired by the street hawkers from their travels in Asia and the recipes from over the generations within their families.  Pause. What is a hawker you may be asking? A hawker is a street vendor that sources local ingredients and spices to create their dishes. They are typically set-up in walk-up stalls or carts for quick grab and go delicacies.  

What makes this a fun atmosphere for South End?  It is its anything goes vibe. The open walls, the funky artwork, and the fun people make it a place that instantly relaxes you.  

Food can be ordered by the small plates or by the main dish.  The small plates are where it is at though! This enables plenty of sharing and sampling amongst the group (we recommend getting at least two per person in the group!).  The pan seared dumplings, Korean double fried wings, and the beef bulgogi skewers were the fan favorites of our group. We may or may not have ordered 4 servings of the skewers! 

In addition to the great food, the drinks are everything from your regulars (beer, wine, spirits) to specialty.  We sampled the Malaysian Mule (Prairie gin, turmeric-infused simple, lime juice, Fever Tree, candied ginger) and the Chinese Fire Drill (Corazón tequila, Sauvignon Blanc, jalapeno infused St Germain, lemon juice, agave nectar) and were not disappointed.  They completed the rich flavors and spices of our food perfectly.  


Opportunity alert: Want to try Hawkers but balling on a budget?  Check out their $3 small plate specials! Monday-Friday 3-6pm and late-night Sunday-Thursday 9 pm – Close.