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Feb 05, 2018

Charlotte is loving quirkiness of Lincoln's Haberdashery in South End because it has something for everyone

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The South Boulevard grocery hasn’t been open for business very long, but it’s already a favorite for South End residents and those who work in the neighborhood. My coworkers and I discussed why Lincoln’s Haberdashery was called a “haberdashery.” What exactly is a haberdashery besides a hard-to-say five syllable word? (A quick Google search explained that it’s a shop of a “haberdasher” that sells goods.) Simple enough. And that’s exactly what Lincoln’s Haberdashery is, with a few quirky details that you can’t help but love. And the same mind behind Futo Buta is responsible for this location… so you know it’s bound to be impressive.

Parking was a mystery at first — they should really detail parking on their website. To make it easy for you, you can park in the obvious lot, to the left (facing South Boulevard,) behind Lincoln’s, along the light rail, or across the street, where you can then play real life Frogger! (Kidding... )

Enter in from the door on South Boulevard and be greeted by a wall mural of none other than the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, but with a grungier look and tattoos. There are truly surprises around every corner. Make your way down the stairs where you’ll be met with a coffee bar, a menu full of breakfast, lunch,  snacks and random goods — because this is a haberdashery after all. The menu is exciting — lemon ricotta-stuffed flapjacks, something they call a Sticky Biscuit, a version of bagel and lox, but on their fresh-baked bread, avocado toast and elaborate sandwiches that deserve attention during a weekday lunch break.

There are even beers on tap to go with that lunch. And if coffee or a draft beer isn’t what you’re looking for, there’s kombucha, juices, energy drinks, canned beers and a whole entire glorious corner of wine. You can buy a bottle of wine, or a of couple beers and find a spot inside their super cozy and charming little space. It’s one of those spots that has something for everyone, where you can have conversation, and truly catch up with friends, work through a project with a colleague or create an adorable little Sunday brunch with your S.O. — so dynamic!

One of my favorite things about Lincoln’s Haberdashery were the “goods.” While you’re waiting for your coffee or your sandwich, you kind of just stroll around and take it all in. There are little gag gifts, knick-knacky things here and there and even art that just makes you smile.

Again, there’s something for everyone — beer, wine and coffee lovers alike and for those who like a casual, cozy spot for lunch, a date, breakfast or a meeting. I think it’s noteworthy to mention that  I have not yet tried the Drunken Moo Juice — a porter or stout with soft serve ice cream — but I totally intend to do that soon. It’s like an adult version of a root beer float, and I don’t hate the concept. If you go once, you’ll go again and again. People are loving it. Bravo, Lincoln’s Haberdashery.