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May 06, 2019

Cowbell Deserves More Love

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More Cowbell!  That is a saying here in the south, right?  Or is that just in Texas?  I am not sure, and regardless, I know it is a saying and I also believe it.  We need more love for Cowbell Burger & Whiskey Bar out there in the universe these days.  With so many new restaurants, breweries, and ice cream places popping up, excitement and intrigue of the unknown can often cause us to forget the places that we have loved for years and consistently have opened their doors as the perfect settings for great nights out for friends, families, and dates.

In March, Cowbell celebrated their 6th anniversary.  Yes, that may seem slightly ancient in this always-expanding city, but there is a reason it is surviving the test of time. Here are the top 5 reasons why it deserves more love:

1)      Food is fantastic.  Gourmet burgers, delicious salads, heck the last time I went, I got the tacos, and they were all phenomenal.  Cowbell knows how to get creative within a can’t-miss subset. 

2)      Ambiance is the proper mix of sexy and sophisticated.  What is so unique about Cowbell is that it is great choice to bring your parents to when they come visit Charlotte.  It is also a great place to bring your first date (or 500th date) to.  The low lights, rich textures, pop-culture art, and tv’s rocking some great oldies music videos make it a little bit of everything for everyone.

3)      Drink variety is on point.  The bar also takes up maybe a third of the space making it an easy focal point and great place for post work happy hours, mid evening drinks, or late nightcaps and snacks.

4)      It is really easy to be dropped off or picked up at.  Nestled right on the edge of the city, just far enough off Church St, Cowbell is a fantastic meeting or finishing place. Expert advice- don’t make your driver come down 5th street to get you, walk on over to Church and you will be home in bed in no time.

5)      Their brunch is so incredible I cannot even truly type right about it because my mouth is watering.  Just, please.  Check it out for yourself, https://eatmorecowbell.com/menus/brunch/.  After a long night out or rough morning in, this brunch is really tough to beat.

 Pics from their Facebook and website :