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Oct 17, 2017

Dilworth's Foxcroft Wine and Co. is the perfect place for your next girl's night

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Sometimes, you just need a great, low-key girl's night with one of your best gal pals. There are plenty of little nook and cranny restaurants that you can go and discuss your inner most hopes, dreams and fears over a bottle or two of vino. However, you can’t always go to the same spot, sometimes, you need to mix it up and check out somewhere new- or at least new to you.

This weekend, one of my besties and I did just that. We took a trip to Foxcroft Wine in Dilworth which has been open for about two years but is tucked away in a little corner of a shopping plaza on East Blvd.  This place may sound familiar to you because you are thinking of Foxcroft South Park, which has been a Charlotte staple for over ten years, or it may sound familiar because you see it whenever you do your grocery shopping at that Teeter on East. Regardless, of how you know it, it is familiar which makes it comforting, in only the way places you feel you know, but don’t, really can.

That’s what this place is too, a little something of comfort for everyone. Liz, one of the spot’s managers said, “Foxcroft is a little bit of something for everyone. We get a lot of first dates, the regulars who bring their dogs, and people who just want to come in and have a burger and truffle fries with a glass of good wine.”

Our favorite part of the evening was our ability to go inside and pick out a bottle of wine (the sweet spot for the bottle is $29.95 so as to avoid a corkage fee) and bring it outside and enjoy along with delicious appetizers in the little patio complete with bistro lights.  Needless to say, our gals night was a major success and will be repeated in the future!