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Oct 31, 2018

Electric Scooters Make our Little City Bigger

Posted by Katie Vaas • Nightlife Reviews

We’ve all seen them, peppering the sidewalks, the Bird and the Lime scooters.  Sometimes, we think they are fun, sometimes we think they are terrifying, and sometimes we think they are the greatest thing to ever hit this city’s streets.  The catch is, you must be a respectful rider.  Hopping on the scooter does not mean you have also adorned an invincibility cloak.  You have a greater responsibility.  With that greater responsibility, there is opportunity for great reward, and here are just a few of those:

  • Our small(ish) city gets a lot bigger.  I had friends in town for a recent wedding Uptown.  They were from “big cities” all over, including Chicago, Boston, New York, and San Francisco.  They LOVED the scooters.  Staying Uptown, they managed to hit up Duck Donuts on East Blvd. and Alexander Michael’s over in Fourth Ward.  Their perspective of our “mass transportation” was that it was fun and economic.  They had a point- our little city was much bigger when you have some easy access wheels.
  • You cannot be an a$! operating one.  The biggest complaint of these vehicles is that some people are real jerks when they use one.  C’mon people!  You cannot bulldoze people on the sidewalks and need to respect everyday traffic rules and regulations.  Do not go the wrong way down streets and look out for pedestrians, cars, bicyclists, and anything else in the street- do not assume everyone is looking out for you!
  • Park respectfully. There is a theme going on here, RESPECT.  Throwing the scoot in the middle of the sidewalk, someone’s yard, or anywhere else that can cause an annoyance of destruction is just not cool.  Do not do it. 
  • Use them to explore and have fun.  Ok enough with the negatives and “don’t be a jerk” tips.  Let’s revisit my first bullet and the fact my friends showed me how cool they can be.  I was a skeptic of them at first, and now I have used them to easily get to and from Uptown, go to a baseball game, and to just cruise around and feel like a kid again at Romare Bearden Park.  They really have been a catalyst for me to see the city I call home in a whole new light.

With the pilot program for the scooters ending this fall here in Charlotte, I for one, will be keeping my fingers crossed that the good has outweigh the bad, and more people will be cognizant of common courtesy.  Because, at the end of the day, they offer a lot more in opening our city than they take away.