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May 07, 2019

Find Your Hangover Cure at First Watch with their Morning Meditation Juice

Posted by Dara Brewton • Where To Eat

With all of the excellent nightlife options available in Charlotte, hangovers definitely happen. We’ve all been there, right? You wake up with that pounding headache, feeling like you’ve been run over by a Mack truck. Yeah, it is definitely the worst.

All the fun of a night out can be a bit overshadowed when you have to drag yourself out of bed the next morning, but your hangover mornings are about to get a lot easier because the cure to your suffering is waiting for you at First Watch: the Morning Meditation juice. This farm fresh daytime-only restaurant has two locations in the metro area; one is in Matthews and the other, the newest location, is in Waverly.

The Morning Meditation is a tasty mix of orange, lemon, and beet juice. Plus, it has some agave nectar, turmeric, and organic ginger mixed in for good measure. Don’t let the beet juice scare you away, it definitely tastes more fruity than vegetable.

Why does this colorful juice concoction help cure your raging hangover? It comes down to that clever mix of ingredients.

  • Orange Juice: The orange juice, which is one of the most prominent flavors in the beverage, helps boost your blood sugar. Plus, the vitamin C works its magic on your body tissue, and the antioxidants help reduce inflammation within your body.

  • Beet Juice: Beets contain betalain pigments that help your liver detoxify and metabolize all the alcohol you dumped into your system.

  • Ginger: This handy little herb can calm your roiling stomach so that you can dive into the delicious menu options like the Million Dollar bacon (smoked bacon with cayenne pepper and maple syrup) or the Farmhouse Hash.

  • Turmeric: This spice also works to detoxify the liver, but it also does a good job reducing pain...like that pounding pain going on inside your skull after a long night of drinking.

So, your next question is what does it taste like? No worries there, it tastes really good. The orange and lemon are definitely the most prominent flavors, and the agave syrup keeps it more sweet than tart. There is a bit of a spicy flavor mixed in similar to the zing in Unknown Brewing’s ginger ale. It is a refreshing drink that would be delicious even when you aren’t hungover, so you can order without fear.

Now that you have First Watch’s Morning Meditation juice as your little hangover secret weapon, you can imbibe without stressing over the morning after effects. But even if you didn’t get crazy the night before, First Watch is still a good breakfast destination as the food is downright amazing. Pro Tip: check-in online before heading over because the wait can get a bit long, especially on the weekends.