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Mar 25, 2019

Girls Nights Out in Charlotte in Your 20s vs. 30s

Posted by Katie Vaas • Where To Drink

Girls nights. The topic of so many movies, memes, and “morning after” stories. One can not deny the fun, bonding, and occasional innocent mischief these evenings bring about. However, they also evolve. Girls Nights in your 20s vs. in your 30s have the same intent- a time to let loose and enjoy fun times and good chats with your girlfriends. However, what happens during them tend to be fairly different. Now, I will caveat the preceding sentences with the recognition that they are a broad generalization and many may disagree with me. However, I shall share from my perspective and the perspective of my gal pals. In our 20s, girls nights happened just about every weekend. We would go to each other’s apartments to get ready and pregame. Sometimes that meant eating dinner and sometimes that meant a beverage or two. Outfits were figured out, make-up flew around and flat irons and curlers were plugged into any open outlets. Then we would hit the town. Typically, we would start at a neighborhood favorite, beloved for its cozy, occasionally grimey, but all around homey-feeling vibes.  Some that come to mind that fit this genre in Charlotte are:

Then, once enough liquid courage had been mustered, we would hit the nearest dance floor. Some great hot spots of these in Charlotte would be:

The night may or may not end in pizza (like from Fuel) or a solid diner (like Midnight Diner). Now, in our 30s, girls nights for my friends and I have become much more low key and sophisticated.  Or so we like to think…

We prefer for them to be less of a production in terms of getting ready. Often setting expectations in the group text with statements like “I will most likely wear leggings, a cute top, and I may wash my hair...if I feel ambitious.” Typically, these nights also stick to one location vs. jumping around getting in all the things and seeing all the people; rather, we stay focused and we settle in.  Some spots we may post up for a marathon chat session would include:

Other evenings are more focused on the food. We want some good food and do not mind if the meal takes 2-3 hours.  As, it enables all the chatting, all the wine tasting, and all the fun.  A few of these that top my list of recommendations are:

Sure, there are differences in Girls Nights between the two decades, but that evolution is fun.  The same benefits from a Girls Night Out remain, though, a lot of chatting, bonding, and comradery, with just the right amounts of mischief are sure to bring about lasting memories.