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Feb 13, 2020

How To Spend Valentine's Day, Depending On Your Relationship

Posted by Amanda Erskine • Where To Go

Happy Valentine’s Day Charlotte! Today’s the day that you’ve been anxiously awaiting to see if you’d have a date to take you out somewhere, or if you would have to be the one who navigated the rough waters of planning the perfect date. The level of anxiety experienced during this process definitely varies based on how well you know the person that you’re planning a romantic evening for, but regardless, it’s no easy task. The high expectations that come with Valentine’s Day are purely based on the social construct that Hallmark created in order to sell more greeting cards. I’m pretty sure that’s a quote from 500 Days of Summer, but I agree wholeheartedly. I am a prime example of the hypocritical Valentine’s Day participant who claims they don’t care, but in actuality hold such high expectations for my significant other. It’s not fair, and I acknowledge that, but I won’t be changing anytime soon. However, I DO feel for the other people out there who are also dealing with someone as difficult as me, or truly aren’t sure how their new love feels about Valentine’s Day and want to be prepared, just in case. So here are my professional suggestions for what you should do this Valentine’s Day, depending on your relationship level. 


If your best friend FINALLY convinced you to go out with their other friend who is just “perfect for  you,” one: bold move making the first date on Valentine’s Day and two: Take them to an Arcade Bar. This will ensure that if your friend has been exaggerating the potential of a connection, you’ll at least be able to funnel all of your frustration into skee-ball. 


So you two have laid some of the ground work and at the very most know each other’s favorite brewery in Charlotte. In order to keep the digital romance going and translate seamlessly into real human connection, go Ice-Skating at the White Water Center. You can spend the night either holding hands while one of you pretends to be bad at ice skating, or you can skate off by yourself and lap them occasionally if the spark fizzles. 

3rd DATE

Dates one and two went well enough to make it to the highly regarded third date, but in order to get over the hump of whether this will continue any further, you need to see if you both share the same sense of humor. Go see a Comedy Show at Charlotte Comedy Theatre. You can start the night out at Wet Willie’s and end it with either leaving in tears from laughing so hard together, or because the comedy show was an unlucky choice.


Your relationship is comfortable, but still sweet. You both haven’t had a fight yet and are still anxious about whether you use too many emojis in your texts. Go To Treehouse Vineyards. The wine is as sweet as your relationship and you can rent out a private treehouse to enjoy this puppy-love phase before they feel comfortable enough to tell you that yes, you do use too many emojis. 


The anniversary has come and gone or is right around the corner. Last Valentine’s Day was stressful enough seeing as you were both trying so hard to impress the other, so this year you just want it to be easy, yet enjoyable. Go to a SoFar concert. When you buy tickets, you don’t find out about the location of the secret concert until the day before, and won’t know the musical acts until you get there! Keep things zesty, yet easy. 


Congratulations on answering or asking the easiest question ever! To celebrate the rebirth of your puppy-love, you want to channel Big Cinderella Energy with a ball, fancy drinks, and a horse-drawn carriage. Take a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride throughout Uptown Charlotte and be dropped off at a wine bar to cheers to the future!


Living that DINK (double-income, no kids) life is a nice one. There are hardly any responsibilities besides making sure your rent or mortgage is paid and that someone has taken the dog out. Being the homebodies that you are, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is in the comfort of your own home. Pick up a bottle of wine at a Bottle Shop, and pair it with some frozen Pasta and Provisions, which is sold at most Urban Markets!


Does the word exhaustion resonate deeply with you? Treat yourself to a lowkey night out that won’t require much planning, but will reap great reward. Call up a babysitter from Care.com and head to an intimate dinner at Zeppelin, with a cocktail or five. Drink responsibly, parents!


Uptown Cabaret is the move tonight fellas. Nothing shakes up a relationship quite like the potential of a jealousy-fueled fight and a breakfast buffet.