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Jul 08, 2019

Looking to do something a bit different this Thursday? Participate in the NoDa Costume Crawl

Posted by Amanda Erskine • NoDa Nightlife

If you are well-versed in the Charlotte neighborhood stereotypes, then you know that NoDa does things a bit differently. Back in the day, NoDa used to host a neighborhood gallery crawl for locals to pop in and out of the different stores and galleries around town, and get a taste of the fun and artistic products offered. 

Now, in order to shake things up and continue to stand out in Charlotte, the monthly gallery crawl has been rebranded into a monthly, themed costume crawl, and I couldn’t be more excited and supportive.

On the second Thursday of each month, restaurants and stores around NoDa collaborate to offer different products and deals based off of that month’s theme. These deals vary from food and drinks inspired by the theme, or receiving a percentage off an item if you arrive in costume. I recently moved to NoDa, and was a camp counselor back in the day, so the idea of getting to dress up and walk around town, highly piqued my interest. While the monthly costume crawls have been occurring since March, I was able to catch last month’s crawl, which had a Woodstock theme. 


Dressed in paisley pants, large, colorful sunglasses, and 60’s inspired beads, I visited a handful of stores to try out their different Woodstock inspired items, and benefit from their deals. My first stop was to Reigning Doughnuts, to try their Disco Doughnut, a vanilla doughnut with sparkle sprinkles that made me want to listen to Earth, Wind, and Fire. (Yes, I know disco technically started in the ‘70s, and Earth, Wind, and Fire started making music in’71, but this costume crawl is more focused on fun than accuracy, okay? Also, the doughnut was delicious).


My second stop, was into a restaurant I had never been to, so naturally, I had to pop by. Growler’s Pourhouse, which coincidentally is also owned by the same owners of Reigning Doughnuts, Crepe Cellar, Haberdish, and the upcoming restaurant concept, Supperland, was offering a Woodstock inspired cocktail called the Peach, Love, and Understanding. This delicious and refreshing cocktail was a margarita made with el jimador tequila, spiced peach-coconut reduction, lime, soda, bitters. Lastly, I popped into one of my favorite NoDa spots, Bartique. This hybrid boutique and bar was offering 20% off of dresses for everyone in costume, and since I qualified, I figured I’d take advantage of the deal. 


Even though I only stopped into 3 different places, 15 different restaurants and store fronts were offering deals throughout the NoDa area! The crawl starts at 6pm and goes until closing, so I suggest maybe not showing up exactly at 6pm (like I did) and waiting a bit for other crawlers to get home from work and show up. 

Why a Costume Crawl?

As stated before, NoDa is unique and wonderfully different in their approach to events and efforts to bring the community together. On the NoDa costume crawl website, they state that, “The vision for the crawls is for visitors and locals in NoDa to be able to express themselves through costuming and have a fun, unique experience interacting in our neighborhood.”’

If this sounds like something that you and your friends would enjoy, or even like something that you wouldn’t, I highly encourage you to get out of your comfort-zone, dress up, and stroll around NoDa this Thursday in your best (insert theme here) attire. Not sure what the theme of the month means? That’s okay! The purpose of the crawl is for you to showcase your own interpretation of the theme and show up ready to mix with other costumed individuals, and enjoy the NoDa street scene. 


Interested in joining the next NoDa Costume Crawl? This Thursday, July 11th, is “Holidays in July.”

Here is the remaining schedule:

July 11- Holidays in July

August 8 – Toga

September 12 – The Renaissance

October 10 – Drag

November 14 – Charlotte VOTE via social media

December 12 – Movies