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Jun 05, 2019

Make Graham St. Pub and Patio your go-to before and after- Knights game spot

Posted by Katie Vaas • Uptown Nightlife

Nestled into a little, unassuming corner of Graham Street sits the Graham St. Pub & Patio.  We were just completing the 7th Inning Stretch at the nearby Knights Game when my friends and I made the decision to go and check it out.  We had debated between wandering over to the French Quarter, returning to Taproom Social or venturing to this “unknown” Graham St. Pub since the bottom of the 5th.  

Graham St was decided on because we all had driven by it a million times commuting to and from work over the past few months.  We realized we had been anxiously awaiting its opening, but that had come and gone, unnoticed by us, and thus left the establishment still untapped.

It truly was easy and quick to get to from Knights Stadium, being an approximately 50-yard walk across the street. When walking up to the building, it has an odd architectural hint of a tree or a club house; small and compact in its presence but carefully detailed in its presentation. The place seems bigger inside than it does from the outside and has an array of beers on tap and by the bottle, as well as plenty of wines and liquors to choose from.  The patio, though, is truly spectacular. Instagram pictures do not do the view justice and it gets more and more breathtaking as the sun sets and the city lights come alive.

We stayed much later than we wanted, partly because the vibe was great and the drinks were quick and easy to get, but mainly because the songs were on fire.  We were loving the early 2000s hip hop and a few boy band jams that came on while we were there.

Getting an Uber out of the area was surprisingly quick and easy.  There is a small side street that the Uber waited at and despite the crazy obstacle course of traffic cones and road closures, we had zero issues.  Maybe we were just lucky, but I think it was because of the unique location just off a main road that helped us.

There was much to love about Graham St. Pub & Patio and so I know we will be back.