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Sep 03, 2019

PRO-TIP: Go to breweries at night. Here are 3 you should hit up first

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Charlotte is full of breweries.  That might be one of the most obvious statements I have ever written.  Those breweries are almost always packed. Almost. When are they not packed you ask?  Typically, when the sun goes down. 

It hits about 8 pm in Charlotte and it is as if some switch hits and night life transfers from the breweries and journeys to the restaurants and bars.  Why is that? Some suppose that hunger strikes and an afternoon spent imbibing requires one to go in search of plentiful food sources, but others suppose is it more of a thirst for a change of scenery.  Regardless, there is an observable drop in relative “crowd” at breweries in the evenings. 

With that said, in my opinion, that evening hour is the best time to go to a brewery.  In particular, the neighborhood breweries. My favorites for hitting up post “peak time” are the ones located a bit off the typical nightlife trail, and closer to newer residential areas. 

  • Blue Blaze – Nestled in the Freemore West sector of town they often offer a musician and have an expansive porch with rocking chairs.  They also have fire pits complete with all necessary s’mores ingredients. They get me with the s’mores every time.  

  • Town Brewing – After enjoying some Pinky’s for dinner, I love popping over to Town for a drink or two to continue the evening.  Engaging in a game of shuffleboard to wager a round or two on helps keep the night going. 

  • Heist Brewery and Barrell Arts – This neighborhood favorite, a stone’s throw away from Camp North End, does an exceptional job of drawing in the locals.  They offer a loyalty card for the residents of Brightwalk and aim to be the preferred place to hang out for all in the north end. 

The next time you are looking for a low key night out, check out one of these spots in the later evenings where you can get a few quality hours of social ti