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Jul 30, 2019

Rhino Market's new location now offers locally-sourced food and laid back vibes in NoDa

Posted by Katie Vaas • NoDa Nightlife

It is now a trifecta. Rhino Market has a location in NoDa, about a block away from the original Amelie’s (which could potentially be moving away) that opened a month or so ago. This new location joins those already successfully popping in Freemore West also known as Wesley Heights and Uptown.

What makes this new location similar to its brethren? It is acting as the destinations in Charlotte for the “urban forager.”  Rhino Markets are the location where you can go and find a little bit of whatever your heart may desire- especially if your heart desires something locally sourced and crafted with care.  The delicious food and the plentiful drink options, of course, are consistent with the other locations. Yes, I am talking their modern deli breakfast sandwiches (ideal for a mid-week slump or a shaky weekend morning).  The question, is which is better, between the breakfast burrito or brown sugar pepper bacon sandwich for being the best.

If your journey to Rhino happens to require a perusal of the market itself, you will find it stocked with specialty beer, wine, snacks, and beverages.  Hint: grab the Rhino Chow when it is available, it doesn’t stay on the shelves long but it is a bag of pure goodness. 

For the evening attendee, there are a multitude of craft beers on draft as well as kombucha and a cold brew coffee.  There are plenty of options for seating, whether at the bar, a table, or out on the spacious patio.  

This patio is what sets this location apart, and potentially above the others.  It truly is a neighborhood market where it is easily walkable from a multitude of houses and apartments making the patio a place of refuse for this looking to get out and relax.  The chill vibe and ability to sip a cold draft, snack on some great bites, and catch up with your neighbors, whom also may be a part of the friendly staff, is homey, welcoming, and just the best.  Throw in nights that offer DJ’s, live music, and trivia nights, and you have the best outdoor living room in town. 

*Cover photo from Rhino Market Website