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Jun 28, 2017

The Formula to Finding the Perfect Patio

Posted by Katie Vaas • Where To Drink

Warm sunshine and the occasional refreshingly cool breeze of summer always make me day dream about porch/patio socializing.  Although Charlotte has a plethora of amazing patios, I have only made a meager dent in repeated visits during my 3 years here:

In examining this collection of establishments, albeit it not terribly small, I realized I am such a creature of habit.  I rarely step out of my comfort zone, or, rather, general geographic comfort zone.   I tend to stick to the South End or Uptown areas. Sure, there is an outlier or two to the list, but for the most part, it’s the same.

Then, I noticed they are also all similar in atmosphere, again, I recognize that there is an outlier or two but, for the most part my taste is consistent.  Now, I am going to make some broad strokes, but for me, what makes an enjoyable patio experience is:

  • An anything goes atmosphere- I want it to be totally acceptable for me to show up in my work or workout clothes
  • Good drinks and food - whether it comes from a truck or kitchen doesn’t matter
  • Some activities - whether I participate or not, it doesn’t matter
  • TVs where sports and the sunshine can be enjoyed simultaneously
  • Opportunity for a live band
  • Places where I can find shade

Having officially recognized my patio needs, I am going to make it a personal challenge to seek out some more in the other parts of town.  Please feel free to send over your suggestions in what makes a great patio experience and/or some that I need to check out by tweeting me at @katiev03.