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Jan 09, 2017

Spring Break PARTY Cruise 2017

Posted by Hunter Wilson • Nightlife Events

Before you know it, March will be here and hundreds of thousands of college students will be headed off to their Spring Break party, where ever that might be. The choices for Spring Break are endless, IF you plan ahead.

When you think of Spring Break, the beach naturally comes to mind. However, if you have ever been to a beach destination for Spring Break, you will know they are usually pretty trashy. A lot of people wait around till the last minute and end up booking cheap rundown hotel rooms. 

A Spring Break PARTY Cruise requires that you plan ahead and book well in advance. That is why Spring Break Cruises are always packed. Smart people plan ahead. 

A lot of people ask, when do you need to book by in order to reserve a cabin for a Spring Break Cruise? Usually, Spring Break Cruise ships will SELL OUT by late January. Sometimes there are last minute cabins available though.

So, why go on a CRUISE for Spring Break? EASY, it's the least expensive way to party for Spring Break and have all meals, drinks (unlimited alcohol packages are available) & entertainment included PLUS you get to cruise around in PARADISE!!

Yeah, you heard all that right... No cover charges to get into the clubs, no cab rides, and no late night drive through for a snack. Everything is included in one price. 

Spring Break will be here before you know it. Don't wait till the last minute and get stuck with a boring trip again this year. Cheer up...there is no better time to book SPRING BREAK than right now! With a HUGE party cruise for Spring Break aboard Royal Caribbean's luxurious ships...you are sure to have a blast.

For UNC-Charlotte this year we are suggesting the 4-Night (March 6th-10th) Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas Spring Break Cruise. 

Currently all INTERIOR Cabins are sold out. All 4-person cabins are sold out.

Exterior cabins are available at ~$460 per person (assuming two people per cabin).

To book, call Hunter Wilson at 704-516-2674 or email with questions to hunter@charlottenightlife.com.