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Jan 14, 2020

Why you need to check out Pins Mechanical Co. and 16 Bit & Bar Arcade ASAP.

Posted by • Southend Nightlife

If you have an Instagram, then you have most likely seen a handful of Instagram stories showing friends and acquaintances alike, playing duckpin bowling, competing in bucket patio pong, and drinking cocktails with an Airhead Extreme garnish. If you haven’t been there yourself yet, let us increase your FOMO by letting you know that you are definitely missing out on South End’s newest hot spot, Pins Mechanical Co and 16 Bit Bar & Arcade.

This duel concept came together in Charlotte for the first side-by-side version of these micro-chains from Rise Brands. You can find other Pins Mechanical Co.’s and 16 Bit Bar & Arcade’s in Columbus, Cleveland, Dublin, Nashville, and Indianapolis. 


The chains are the epitome of all the things you love about the 80’s and 90’s in the form of  an arcade bar with cocktails named after celebs from those decades. This theme is accompanied by REAL vintage arcade games and pinball machines and tons of easter eggs in the wall paper, art, and drinks. 

Rise wanted to provide guests with an alternative to a standard night out in South End, with ample activities to accompany their drinks. 


  • Duck-Pin Bowling: $6 per game, per person. 

  • Patio pong: Free to play. First come, first serve. 

  • Giant Jenga. Free to play

  • Connect Four. Free to play

  • Foosball. $.50

  • Pinball. $.50

  • Ping Pong. $10/hour

  • Skee Ball. Free to play. First come, first serve.

  • Bocce Ball. $10/hour

  • Giant Connect 4’s. Free to play. First come, first serve.

  • Giant Lite Bright. Free to play. First come, first serve.

  • Hooker. Free to play. First come, first serve.

What to Expect:

Dogs and kids are both allowed! Dogs are allowed at all hours that Pins Mechanical Co. is open, while kids are only allowed until 8pm. After that, Pins and 16 Bit become 21+ only. 

Also, expect to see everyone you’ve ever met in Charlotte at this bar. This is the new weekday and weekend spot, and no person will leave it unturned.