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Dec 17, 2019

16 Things To Know About Plaza Midwood's Kiki and Tattoo

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At the end of November, two new concepts sharing the same roof, were born by some of the individuals behind a few of Plaza Midwood's most popular businesses. If you love Soul Gastrolounge, The Diamond, and Clutch Boutique, then the chances are pretty good that you will also love Kiki and Tattoo. 

Highly anticipated around Plaza, Kiki and Tatoo are now open and providing Charlotte with delicious food, drinks, and design elements that will enhance any date night, work outing, celebratory dinner, or just a regular night on the town. Here are the top 16 things you need to know about these hip new businesses. 

1. Kiki is a restaurant with a robust wine program and on-tap cocktails. 

2. Tattoo is an intimate cocktail lounge with sitting-room only for 16 people. 

3. Kiki's cocktail menu consists of 14 draft cockatils, with one being dispensed from a cooler that has been converted into a one-of-a-kind cocktail system, created by Brian Plat. 

4. The signature house cocktail, is based on a traditional bordeaux area drink. 

5. There are 50+ wines available, made up of only French or Greek options. 

6. A heavily curated champagne program is led by their sommelier, Terrell Johnson, where there will be the occassional option to purchase a featured high-end champagned by the glass.

7. Tattoo will focus more on classic cocktails and will feature one of these well-known concoctions monthly. 

8. The featured monthly cocktail will be available in different iterations of the classic drink, using different techniques from nitrogen, smokes, figs, airs, etc. You will also receive an explanation of the drink and the time period that it comes from, in order to educate and make the drinks more approchaple. 

9. You will still  be able to order cocktails from Tattoo if you are dining at Kiki

10. There will be no memberships however, there will be a waitlist. 

11. Kiki is named after owner, Andy Kastanas' mother. 

12. Tattoo ironically was a tattoo parlor named Alternative Arts Tattoo, while Kiki was formerly Twenty Two wine bar and art gallery.

13. The food served is a reimagined version of French and Greek food. They describe the space as "a modern American restaurant with foods influenced by those areas of the world."

14. Interior Designer, Scott Weaver, also designed the interiors for Soul Gastrolounge, The Diamond, and Clutch Boutique.

15. The interior design of Kiki is inspired by Art Deco and the revival of animal print.  It is meant to be a bit of rock n' roll meets a french bistro. 

16. Tattoo's black walls and floors were design elements chosen, so as to be a contrast, yet complement of Kiki.