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Mar 06, 2019

Yume Sushi and Ramen Bar is one of the most delicious and unassuming restaurants in Charlotte, hands down

Posted by Katie Vaas • Nightlife Reviews

Tucked away in a newly growing part of town, just south of Bank of America Stadium, at 508 S. Mint Street, sits Yume Sushi and Ramen Bar.  An unassuming spot that seems to have popped up at of nowhere on the edge of nowhere. However, it is quickly becoming a destination unto itself.

I first visited two weeks ago when my brother in law was in town visiting.  He doesn’t get out much when he is at home in Florida, so my husband and I have a lot of fun in taking him to explore various new places whenever business brings him to the Queen City. So, thanks to the fun, cold, dreary weather we have been enjoying, a trip for warm and filling Ramen was necessary.  Also, my husband was in the mood for some sushi so having a spot that serves both was very appealing.

Parking at Yume is very easy.  Although the restaurant faces a four-way intersection with Mint and Summitt, the parking lot is behind it off of Summitt. The ability to easily park has become a growing concern/benefit for restaurants these days.  So many of them just do not seem to be able to accurately accommodate the parking of all its patrons; however, I digress.

We were quickly seated, and for being on the early side of a Monday evening the place was fairly full. Our waitress was very friendly and let us know we had about 5-minutes before their $5 early bird special was going to be over, so we quickly put in an order for edamame and the gyoza (pan fired pork dumplings).  The gyoza were so delicious we ordered another round at the full price! FYI- the early bird special is Monday-Thursday 4-6:30 pm, Fridays it is until 5:30 pm, and Saturday and Sunday until 4:30 pm. Additionally, this is a great restaurant to add to your weekend late(ish) night eats list, seeing as they close at 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 10pm every other night

Walking in we saw many people with the Ramen bowls, so although my husband wanted sushi, his eyes quickly influenced his stomach and the three of us all ordered ramen; he did, however, also order the Philly roll.  I thoroughly enjoyed my seafood ramen- it was full of tempura shrimp, scallops, mussels, mushrooms, corn, sprouts, and soft-boiled marinated egg. I ordered mine with the non-spicy shrimp broth and had to bring half of mine home as the portion is huge!  To be fair, I also tasted a few pieces of the philly roll.  I am not a smoked salmon fan and I loved this roll all the same.  It tasted very fresh and had a great texture/consistency.

Additionally, the restaurant features 12 taps and craft cocktails with a focus on Japanese drinks. Sake anyone?

All in all this is a great place that offers a little bit of everything at very affordable prices especially if you can go during the early bird window. If you don't take my word for it, their 4.6 Google rating should speak for itself!

*image courtesy of Yume facebook page