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Chop Shop Charlotte

NoDa • Bar


399 E.35th st.
Charlotte, NC 28205

The Chop Shop is a live entertainment venue/event center located just outside of the heart of the NoDa arts district. Take 35th street and cross the Railroad tracks to enter the fully gated in and secure parking lot shared with The Ultimate gym. Starting with the shell of an old textile plant, The Chop Shop was hand built out of re-purposed industrial and automotive pieces to make an original, industrial, funky yet comfortable and casual environment to enjoy before, during and after an event. The spacious multi-level stage has accommodated from a single comedian up to a 10 person, 12 instrument band! The Chop Shop can hold over 400 patrons in the over 5000 square foot main bar area with an overflow area out back. The outdoor patio is a place for smokers and non smokers alike to escape for a quiet conversation or check out an outdoor event all while still being able to enjoy an \"adult beverage\".

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Chop Shop Charlotte Photos

Fridays at Chop Shop

24 photos

Downlink at Chop shop

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50 photos

Chop Shop
February 13

Chop Shop

6 photos

GlowRage Tour @ The Chop Shop Noda

72 photos

Pow Wow 2 at Chop Shop

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Chop Shop Reigns Supreme Saturday

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Charlotte Gets F*cking Weird At Chop Shop Noda

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Charlotte Gets F*cking Weird - Chop Shop

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Billionaires Gets F*ntasy Weird @ The Chop Shop
December 07

Billionaires Gets F*ntasy Weird @ The Chop Shop

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Charlotte Gets Weird at Chop Shop

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Booming Beats From Boombox @ Chop Shop

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PantyRaid @ The Chop Shop

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Coney Island Sideshow Tour at The Chop Shop
November 19

Coney Island Sideshow Tour at The Chop Shop

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Single Cell Productions ALLOY (Teaser)
October 21

Single Cell Productions ALLOY (Teaser)

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