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Peculiar Rabbit Charlotte

Plaza Midwood • Bar


1212 Pecan Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205

The Peculiar Rabbit is an American farm-to-fork gastropub located in the vibrant Plaza-Midwood. Gastropub has taken on a lot of different meanings in the last few years but we like to think of ourselves as a food-forward neighborhood pub. We take traditional English fare and infuse it with southern ingredients from local suppliers. While our menu is more culturally diverse than straight English fare, the common denominator of our offerings is our attention to culinary fundamentals; our focus on our craft. Our hope is to create a unique dining experience for our guests in our lovely dining and bar areas. That being said, as we are still blossoming as a business and neighbor we look forward to any feedback our guess have regarding their visits with us. All of your feedback assists us in focusing our energies and growing in the direction we need to so we can provide you with exceptional service food that is extraordinary.

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