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Jul 18, 2019

Spice up your night out with a handmade candle at the wine bar and studio, The Candle Bar

Posted by Katie Vaas • Southend Nightlife

I moved out of my apartment in South End September 2016 to the emerging North End area, lured by the opportunity to own my house and all the businesses rumored to be opening in the coming months and years.  Little did I know that South End was about to explode. 

 In buildings that once were abandoned furniture warehouses or obscure office locations, unique and interesting restaurants, shops, and boutiques are now bursting with the charlotte social scene.  One place drawing in crowds is The Candle Bar.  Conveniently located next to the Instagram-fan favorite heart wall, The Candle Bar is adding a unique twist to a night out.  (Exact address is 1930 Camden Road, Suite 130.)

The Candle Bar originates in Nashville with Charlotte boasting its only other consistent franchise location.  (Dallas gets a pop-up now and then) so that fact there makes Charlotte’s South End location pretty cool. The candle pouring experience is the other cool part.  

Here’s how it goes:

  • You sign up for a “seat” at the optimal candle pouring time for you.  

  • After checking in and identifying where you want to sit, you can wander the store perusing all the great items for sale and beginning the decision-making process on your vessel 

  • The vessel isn’t the hardest decision, the hardest decision is what scent you want!  Contrary to my initial thoughts, you are not taking on a mad scientist approach and combing different smells and hoping it turns out wonderful vs. like something found in a gym bag. 

  • Rather, you can visit their scent wall and waft and sniff until you find exactly what scent you want.  Smells range from the fruity to the spicy to floral with everything in between. As you test them you think, “Ahhh this smells like a spa! A hot guy!  Grandma! Tropical fruit salad!”

  • Then, the workshop begins where the guide walks you through every step of mixing up and pouring your candle. 

  • The activity ends with plenty of picture-taking opportunities. 

Besides having fun and maybe purchasing a sip or two while pouring your candle, to make your night truly complete in South End, I recommend hitting up one of the nearby restaurants beforehand for drinks and some small bites (I recommend Hawkers or Barcelona.)  Then after your candle fun, go around the corner to Jeni’s for a delicious cone and walk the rail trail recounting your experience and all the good smells (and tastes) experienced that day!

Jul 17, 2019

New NoDa Wine Bar, Coffee Shop, Bakery, Small-Plate Eatery and Gallery Opens This Weekend!

Posted by Amanda Erskine • NoDa Nightlife

Located on 36th St. in the NoDa neighborhood, a highly anticipated space has been getting ready to open to the public and continue to add to the culture of the ever-expanding area. The Artisan’s Palate, is located in the black-painted-brick building that houses other popular businesses, such as NoDa Bodega, and Another Round Disc Golf and Tap Room

Co-owner, Christa Csoka has always been inspired and felt an intense passion for art that began at a young age. The inspiration for the space came from her sister, an artist, who was able to completely transform a craft shop at West Point Military Academy, into an art shop that welcomed individuals from all walks of life and created an inclusive environment that encouraged creativity. Csoka has been able to re-create this space in the heart of NoDa, and include delicious food and a promise to continue supporting local artists. 

Introduced via mutual friends, Csoka and Christine Alter, have been able to come together, expand on the idea, and make The Artisan’s Palate a reality. 

What is The Artisan’s Palate?

A wine bar, bottle shop, coffee shop, and bakery serving German pastries and local baked goods. Alter, head baker and co-owner, is from Germany herself and will be bringing the authentic deliciousness of the culture to NoDa. 

Food will also eventually be cooked on site by Csoka, who attended the Culinary Institute of New York, and has been in the restaurant industry for 28+ years. While food will be served, they are not referring to themselves as a “restaurant.” The self-given description of The Artisan’s Palate, is that it’s a place for all people to come hangout, grab a glass of wine, read a book, admire local art, and grab a bite to eat. 

Csoka is excited to welcome individuals who come from “all walks of life” and to provide a unique, inclusive space for everyone to mingle and learn more about the neighborhood. 

Throughout the day, customers will be able to come in, grab a cup of coffee and a pastry, grab a spot at the community table, and work remotely. 

The coffee being served is provided by Magnolia Coffee Company, who also helped to set up the coffee program. The Artisan’s Palate will be serving a very standard menu, keeping away  from “dessert style” coffee drinks and focusing more on the classics. You can expect cortados and authentic macchiatos. 

If you’re looking for a new place to kick back with a drink, you’re in luck! Wine, beer, and craft cocktails will be served, along with bottles of wine and cans of beer that will be available for purchase if you’re looking to grab a to-go order of food and take your spread home to enjoy.

What are the hours?

Soft openings begin today, Wednesday, July 17th and a grand opening is scheduled to take place in mid-August, before school starts back up, and will include an expansion of the menu and store hours. For the first month, they will operate solely as a coffee shop and bakery only with hours from 7am-2pm.

Once they are running on a regular schedule, the personality of the business will change after 5pm and become more of an intimate setting to grab some delicious small plates and tapas, pair them with a glass of wine or beer, and just hang out. They will also be serving small plate desserts that range from $2-$4

What Else Can You Expect?

Along with the art of food, drinks, and baking, a major theme of the space will focus on visual art. 

Local artisans like Sam Guzzy, Nick Napolitano, Sean Reilly, and Sam Sikes, have helped to create the current industrial and rustic vibe of the space, by lending their artistic skills in the form of a graffitied beam that stretches through the middle of the space, murals on all of the doorways, on the exterior of the building, and collections that will be displayed in the gallery. 

The entire interior has been a “labor of love” that also includes design elements provided by their contractor, who created the impressive ceiling in the gallery. 

In the gallery, Featured Artists of the Month will have their collections displayed for a set amount of time, and available for purchase by the public. The first featured artist will be Photographer, Wade Carpenter, who will be sharing his collection “A Walk on the Wild Side.” In honor of his collection, The Artisan’s Palate will be offering South African wines and inspired foods to enhance the experience of taking in the collection.

The Artisan’s Palate will be charging a minimum commission of 25%, which is extremely low in comparison to other typical gallery commissions. The artists who are featured, must have a full collection and will have their art on display and marketed through The Artisan’s Palate’s social media platforms. They are already booked until Fall of 2020, just through word-o-mouth alone. If you are interested in having your collection displayed in the future, contact the owner’s from their website. 

Make sure to follow them on Facebook andInstagram to stay up-to-date on upcoming events, updates, and other changes that are coming to the space!

*Photos provided by Brian Twitty

Jul 16, 2019

Beat the heat with a refreshing flavored mimosa at Amelie's French Bakery

Posted by Dara Brewton • South Charlotte Nightlife

Rumor around town is that the iconic NoDa location is relocating which means Amelie’s fans are going to have to broaden their horizons and choose a new favorite location. There are several options to choose from. There is the newest spot located on Park Road, the giant Uptown location, and the cool Rock Hill Amelie’s which is located inside an old bank.


However, I’m going to recommend the Carmel Commons location. I’ll admit, I may be a bit biased since this one also happens to the the closest one to my house…

Since the weather has been trending over 90 degrees more days than not this summer, I have totally been about the refreshing Lemonade Classique. I think I’ve stopped in for one at least once a week since the beginning of June. It’s a fantastic blend of freshly squeezed lemon juice, seltzer water, and agave syrup. If you haven’t had one yet, then I 100% recommend you stop in next time you are feeling oppressed by the summer heat.




The lemonade isn’t the only reason to stop in at this quintessential Charlotte establishment. Nope. The baristas at Carmel Commons are also whipping up fantastic flavored mimosas. The flavors rotate a little bit depending on the supplies they have on hand, but you can expect choices such as the classic orange, strawberry passionfruit, white peach, and coconut mango.


I chose the blueberry lemon to accompany my brunch sandwich, and I was not disappointed. The flavor is sweet and tart, with just the right amount of fizz added. It is just as refreshing as the lemonade but has that little something extra to enjoy. The single best part is that you don’t have to wait for Saturday or Sunday brunch to imbibe because they are serving up these beauties every day of the week.




The mimosas are made with Simonet sparkling wine, but if you prefer to leave out the juices, they can do that too. In fact, there are is a selection of wines that can be enjoyed by the glass including a pinot noir and a chardonnay. Not a wine drinker? Amelie’s didn’t forget about you. there is also a beer selection that includes brews from NoDa Brewing and Birdsong.


I know what you are probably thinking, a trip to Amelie’s is supposed to be about the funky decor and the outstanding pastries and multicolored macrons. Of course, Carmel Commons has all those things on offer too, but everything tastes better with the effervescent flavors in a good-quality mimosa, right?


 FYI: If Carmel Commons isn’t the closest Amelie’s to your house, you can also get mimosas at the Uptown and Park Road locations. 

Jul 11, 2019

JackBeagle’s New FreeMoreWest Location is Finally Open

Posted by Alissa DeRogatis • FreeMoreWest Nightlife

JackBeagle’s finally had the soft opening for their new location west of Uptown, located at 404 W. Morehead St. The FreeMoreWest neighbors must be excited to have Jack’s famous mac and cheese within walking distance because every table has been filled since they opened last week.

Who they are: JackBeagle’s is a NODA born bar best known for their mac and cheese, but their menu has no limitations. Everything is made fresh in house and crafted with care. Visit either location grab your favorite beer, or a Blood Orange Martini, and enjoy one of the coziest hangouts in Charlotte.


What to drink: Enjoy daily specials throughout the week, along with a variety of local drafts and domestic bottles. My go-to is an Allagash White, but you can’t go wrong with a margarita either. Oh and did I mention on Sundays they have $5 double Mimosas and Bloodys?


What to eat: I’m stating the obvious here, but the Jack Mac (in my opinion) is their number one item on the menu. If you’re ordering a few plates make sure to try the Bacon Cheese Waffle Fries and the Barbalo Wings!

No matter what day or time visited and drink or food ordered, JackBeagle’s is definitely the new go-to spot in the up and coming FreeMoreWest neighborhood. 

Jul 09, 2019

5 Of The Best Dog-Friendly Bars in Charlotte

Posted by Alissa DeRogatis • Where To Drink

Charlotte might not offer acres of grassy play areas for dogs, but they do offer a great amount of dog-friendly bars that your fur baby is sure to love as much as you do! Here are the best bars you can bring your dog to, some even off-leash, in Charlotte!


Photo Credit: Dog Bar Facebook

1. The Dog Bar. Located in NoDa just off the light rail, The Dog Bar is the perfect off leash spot for you and your fur baby if you live on the East side of Uptown, Plaza Midwood or NoDa. They have unbeatable daily specials that make for a great end of day pick me up. The Dog Bar is located at 3307 N Davidson St

2. Thomas Street Tavern. If you’ve never been to Thomas Street in Plaza Midwood, you’re missing out on a great outdoor spot this summer! Their back patio is huge with two outdoor bars, ping pong, cornhole, a ton of outdoor seating with ambiance from colorful string lighting. It’s a dog friendly bar, but make sure to keep your pup leashed. They also have the best bacon cheese fries in Charlotte, btw. Thomas Street Tavern is located at 1218 Thomas Ave.


Max & Lola Bodega Facebook

3. Max & Lola Bodega. Not only is the bodega named after the owner Holly Rodriguez’s two dogs, Max and Lola, but it also has a fenced in back patio. Did I mention this patio is off-leash? While your dog is living the dream, grab a CBD cocktail, a quick bite from their on-site foodtruck, Tacosaurus or snap some pictures of the artwork featured all around the property. Max & Lola Bodega is located at 1501 S Mint St

4. Seoul Food Meat Company. Seoul is one of the best spots in Southend year-round. They have a great patio, amazing drink list and a diverse menu that you won’t find anywhere else. But the best part is their fenced in dog run! During the hot months it’s shaded, which makes it one of the better options to bring your dog in the summer. Seoul Food Meat Company is located at 1400 S Church St.


Lucky Dog Bark and Brew Charlotte Facebook

5. Lucky Dog Bark & Brew. Lucky Dog has 3 locations: Charlotte, Steele Creek and Mooresville. Their Charlotte location sits down the street from Pinky’s Westside Grill. Not only are they the perfect Dog Daycare/Boarding facility to drop your dog off at on the way to work, but you can also stop into the bar area after pick-up or on the weekends and grab a much needed after work drink while your dog gets even more playtime. It’s the perfect place for pups and dog moms and dads to wind down. Lucky Dog Bark and Brew Charlotte is located at 2220 Thrift Rd.

*Cover photo from Lucky Dog Bark and Brew Website