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May 01, 2018

Highballr'ing a Tuesday Night @ Ink N Ivy

Posted by Argus Biers • Uptown Nightlife

You ever have that random weeknight where you want to get out and try something interesting?  We decided to check out the Q drinks sponsored Highballr tour stop at Ink n Ivy last Tuesday night.  Good times!

Our favorite resident drink expert, Andrew Izrael at Bottle Cap (official title: Director of Beverage Creativity), hosted the event uptown at Ink n Ivy.  Guest bar professionals from across the country concocted creative drinks for us using Q Drinks mixers.  All you had to tell them was your preference in spirits, a hint of what you find interesting about a drink and they'd craft you some tasty treats.

I am going to admit I forgot what the ingredients where Andrew put together in my drink (I may have been distracted when it was served in a Tiki glass).  What I do remember was it was light, not too complex, but had great flavor.

We had a great time with other industry professionals who came to check it out.  We asked Andrew to give us a better understanding of what the Highballr tour is about.  Per Andrew:

The highballr tour put on by Q drinks is a multi-phase national tour across the U.S.  It started at Herbs and Rye in Las Vegas. Matt Graham who bar tends there was asked to invite four professionals from across the U.S. to come experience his city in the way an industry person does. So instead of the strip, we kayaked the Hoover damn. Then on the final night we got behind his bar and slung drinks with the Herbs team, all while using Q Drink products. The original four that were invited then got to host the same style of event in their home cities.

I (Andrew) was able to invite 4 Bar professionals (Katelin Rutter: Chattanooga ,Tn, Karina Martinez: Sacramento, CA, Michael Pando: Boston, MA, Andy Wright: Austin, TX) in to see Charlotte in a way that only industry people would know. Sunday night we went to the Dot Dot Dot for a welcome dinner followed up by a lively night of fun at Oak Room. The next day was my day to take them around the City. It was raining but we made the best of it and had a blast. We started at the Nascar Hall of Fame, grabbed some lunch at Ink n Ivy, hit the Victory indoor go cart track (to continue the race theme) and finally had my guests judge the Heaven Hill Bar Tender of the Year Competition that evening at the United States Bar Tenders Guild Meeting. After the competition they were able to continue out on the town with local bar professionals hitting different spots around the city. 

The next night (Tuesday) was our event. We held it at Ink n Ivy and the whole purpose was to connect my guests with our city and spread the love of hospitality in a genuine way. The platform is different then any other program I've been apart of in the beverage industry. It’s planned by bar tenders for bar tenders and then Q Drinks takes a back seat in facilitating the experience, which proved to make it more real for all parties involved.  We had a wonderful turn out considering all the rain and flash floods across charlotte that day. 

This tour is a lead up to Bar Convent Brooklyn in June where each of the original Highballrs from Vegas will meet again to conclude the tour being Q hosts during the convention week.

A few more deets on the Q Drinks Highballr initiative:  CLICK HERE

Apr 23, 2018

We threw stuff in bars and no one kicked us out!

Posted by Argus Biers • Nightlife Events

My favorite bar crawl every year is the Bags N Bunnies Bar Hop in April.  It used to be every Saturday night before Easter but was the week after this year.  Didn't see many "bunnies" this year, but that may have had something to do with the date change.

The secret sauce to the Bags N Bunnies crawl is cornhole.  I know it's going to sound backwards, but I am at the point where I'd like something to do on a bar crawl besides drink myself into oblivion.  Well, maybe drinking into oblivion is still okay (and that's what I did at the Bar crawl if the pics of me dancing at midnight are of any indication) but having something to do WHILE I'm beveraging makes it a lot more fun.

The crawl is eighteen holes of cornhole golf in six or seven bars.  Never heard of cornhole golf?  You aren't the only one.  I'm not sure if it's a real thing outside of this crawl, but it's basically like putt-putt.  You have a scoresheet, throw a bag and then play from wherever the bag lands until you get it in the hole.  Some of the holes are pretty basic, but others are pretty hard as you have to go up and down stairs, avoid obstacles and on a few holes the actual cornhole boards move (spinning or rocking) which makes it a lot harder to hit the hole.

Beyond the fun of throwing things in bars, it was easy to meet people.  You high five random people when they hit a good shot or cheer (and do shots) when someone hits the occasional hole in one.  We would harass people when they'd forget their beer-in-hand when shooting.  Everyone was pretty easy going.  I had some friends playing with me, but made a few new friends with the threesome behind us.

Next year in March/April, look for Bar Hop!  And let me know if you can beat my semi-awesome score of 71!


You have to wear Bunny heads when you tee off on the first hole!

Getting started at Flight.

Teeing off at Imperial...up the stairs.

Trying to throw a hole in one through this thingy on the upstairs patio of Imperial.

Jan 09, 2017

Spring Break PARTY Cruise 2017

Posted by • Nightlife Events

Before you know it, March will be here and hundreds of thousands of college students will be headed off to their Spring Break party, where ever that might be. The choices for Spring Break are endless, IF you plan ahead.

When you think of Spring Break, the beach naturally comes to mind. However, if you have ever been to a beach destination for Spring Break, you will know they are usually pretty trashy. A lot of people wait around till the last minute and end up booking cheap rundown hotel rooms. 

A Spring Break PARTY Cruise requires that you plan ahead and book well in advance. That is why Spring Break Cruises are always packed. Smart people plan ahead. 

A lot of people ask, when do you need to book by in order to reserve a cabin for a Spring Break Cruise? Usually, Spring Break Cruise ships will SELL OUT by late January. Sometimes there are last minute cabins available though.

So, why go on a CRUISE for Spring Break? EASY, it's the least expensive way to party for Spring Break and have all meals, drinks (unlimited alcohol packages are available) & entertainment included PLUS you get to cruise around in PARADISE!!

Yeah, you heard all that right... No cover charges to get into the clubs, no cab rides, and no late night drive through for a snack. Everything is included in one price. 

Spring Break will be here before you know it. Don't wait till the last minute and get stuck with a boring trip again this year. Cheer up...there is no better time to book SPRING BREAK than right now! With a HUGE party cruise for Spring Break aboard Royal Caribbean's luxurious ships...you are sure to have a blast.

For UNC-Charlotte this year we are suggesting the 4-Night (March 6th-10th) Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas Spring Break Cruise. 

Currently all INTERIOR Cabins are sold out. All 4-person cabins are sold out.

Exterior cabins are available at ~$460 per person (assuming two people per cabin).

To book, call Hunter Wilson at 704-516-2674 or email with questions to hunter@charlottenightlife.com.