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Sep 22, 2017

Why Blackfinn Restaurant and Saloon should be one of your stops out this weekend

Posted by Katie Vaas • Nightlife Reviews

Blackfinn.  Such an oldie but goodie.  In my three and a half years in Charlotte, I have spent countless hours at Blackfinn at the Epicentre.  I met my boyfriend at Blackfinn, specifically on the dance floor.  Granted, we were part of the same friend group, but we really bonded over our mutual love of early 2000’s pop and hip hop music videos.

That is why Blackfinn is so awesome- it feels familiar.  It can take on whatever for you want it to:

  • The casual dinner place – The food at Blackfinn is fantastic and they have a full bar and great wine list.  Whether you want to sit at the bar, a high top, or cozy up in a booth, Blackfinn can provide it.

  • The post work drinks spot –Conveniently located at the Epicentre or, it is a great neutral spot to meet up with folks and just unwind from a long day.

  • The pregame – Whether you are hitting up Alive After Five, a concert, or Hornets Game, Blackfinn is the perfect place to congregate.

  • The late-night dance party – Please refer to my intro on why I think this is an amazing late night dance party location.

Whatever you are hoping your evening/night will accomplish, Blackfinn is a great place to incorporate into it in some capacity.

Sep 21, 2017

Charlotte Nightlife's Transportation

Posted by Charlotte Nightlife Staff • Nightlife Reviews

Anybody who goes out regularly knows that bar hopping comes with some inconveniences. There's the process of getting the group together in one spot, finding directions and dealing with traffic, as well as getting a designated driver or ride share service. Enjoying drinks with friends in Charlotte is one of the best ways to let go of the stress of the work week, but it's usually hard to get everybody to agree on one night when busy schedules are considered.

There's a way to tie up all of the loose ends and make a night out appealing enough so that everybody clears their schedules, and that is to reserve transportation for the festivities. Whether it's a bar hopping trip or celebration like a bachelor or bachelorette party, your friends are much more likely to commit to a night out that's highlighted by the convenience of professional transportation! 

While ride share services are all of the rage, a Charlotte Limo Service goes above and beyond any option for getting a group from one point to the next as far as convenience is concerned. Plus, when you reserve a block of time, that vehicle is yours for the entire duration, so you wont have to shuffle through different drivers and vehicles while trying to have a good time with friends. You'll be able to expect a spacious, feature filled transportation option with room for your group...something you wont find with your favorite ride share service or taxi cab.

Luxury transportation has a reputation for being too costly to consider, but that's not the case with the right Charlotte transportation company. In fact, you'll find that splitting the actual cost with all of the attendees with come up with a per person rate that's completely affordable when compared to other transportation services. It's worthy to note that these vehicles comes with tons more features to enjoy as well, so it's a win-win situation. 

Sep 21, 2017

Three new additions to the Epicentre that make it worth visiting

Posted by Katie Vaas • Nightlife News

I teach group fitness at Gold’s Gym Epicentre.  Before class, I like to wander around and check out the comings and goings of those enjoying all that the Epicentre has to offer.  Recently, I have noticed some new spots recently opened or coming soon that are helping to round out the offering beyond just the nightlife that has been a Charlotte staple for years.

  • Insomnia Cookie – These cookies are absolutely AMAZING.  If somehow, I could couple one of these, warm with some ice cream and a bottle of wine at Rooftop 210, I would have a fantastic evening. Also, they are open until 3 am so forget the late-night pizza, go get yourself a late-night cookie. FYI- they also deliver so if you need to bop home earlier, then 3 am you can still get your snack on.

  • Rocket Fizz – This store is packed with any nostalgic candy, soda, or other treat that you can imagine.  A whimsical and fun place that is sure to bring a smile to your face as soon as you step foot inside.  It stays open until 10 pm ensuring you can get your sugar high before hitting any of the surrounding dance floors.

  • World of Beer – I had to save the best for last.  This fact that WOB is coming to the Epicentre has been kept pretty quiet, but one that I am super excited to discuss.  I missed WOB when it moved from South End and this type of location- chill and causal – is exactly what Uptown needed.  It isn’t open yet, but will be soon!

Ok, so this blog has really focused on some indulgences, people watching, cookies, candy, wine, and beer.  Which means, the newest spots at the Epicentre are great additions to that scene.

Sep 20, 2017

You need to visit Charlotte's oldest Organic Food Store, Berrybrook Farm

Posted by Amanda Erskine • Nightlife Reviews

If you aren’t very Charlotte-Vegan-food-options conscious or if you haven’t been down East Blvd. before 7pm, you probably haven’t had the opportunity to visit the organic food store, Berrybrook Farm Natural Food Pantry. Berrybrook is actually the first holistic and organic store in Charlotte, dating back to 1972. 

I happened across this cute store when looking for lunch one day and I was surprised to see that the space was used for more than valet parking for Bakersfield.

Walking into the store really transports you back in time because the interior, with the exception of new products, just has the atmosphere and look of a vintage drugstore. The shelves are stocked with a wide-range of vitamins, supplements, and holistic medicines that would make any Whole Foods regular jump for organic, gluten-free, non-gmo, locally grown, grass fed, joy. 

They also have a walk-up food counter with a menu filled with vegan friendly food options such as salads, sandwiches, homemade soups (check their Facebook page for the daily options!), and a plethora of veggie burgers. I would absolutely be lying if I said that the avocado wrap I ordered wasn’t the best avocado wrap that I have ever had. Ever. You can also order smoothies and juices at the counter if you’re not feeling solids that day.

Along with their vitamins and food, Berrybrook also carries a small selection of grocery items. All of the items are organic, gluten-free, and/or locally grown.  They also offer Alkaline and Iodized water which is supposed to be better for your pH balance if you're looking to add a less acidic h2o option to your diet. And if that wasn’t enough, in the corner, they have a make-your-own granola section with approximately 60 superfood add-ins for the most health beneficial snack of your week.

Here’s a look at their daily lunch special, which is Buy One Get One Half Off (unless noted otherwise):  


Caprese Veggie Burgers or Caprese Chicken(less) Sandwiches


Avocado Wraps and Sandwiches


Tempeh Reuben, Veggie Tempeh, or Apple Cheddar Tempeh


Veggie Burgers


Zesty Black Bean Burgers


Sep 19, 2017

Why the Packhouse is a must-have dining experience

Posted by Katie Vaas • Nightlife Reviews

This is the Packhouse:  A cozy front porch. Grandma’s dishes.  Comfort foods.  Rustic chic.

This is not the Packhouse: Pretentious.  Your average new Charlotte restaurant and bar.

Upon entering, you are immediately transported by a wooden-bow tie-clad host to a tobacco barn in small town North Carolina. Specifically, to Williamston, the hometown of the owner, Deedee Mills. (Please note: these wonderful bow ties are all hand carved by a 90-year old man.)  A significant amount of the material used in transforming the Moorehead St. building into the comforting and welcome establishment that it is are recycled from actual barns and/or hand crafted.  This attention to detail doesn’t stop at the décor.

This detail and personal touch carries seamlessly into the dining experience.  Big wooden tables make it easy to dine with friends and the expansive porch has glass pocket doors to allow for an all over openness and “porchy” vibe.  The southern inspired dishes are served on patterned plates, bowls, or skillets and are made with local ingredients.  If you are a northerner, like myself and many other Charlotte transplants, the menu may seem a bit daunting at first.  

Certainly, there are the familiar beloved dishes like fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, BBQ chicken, and sweet potato casserole.  However, I would also encourage you to embrace the atmosphere and step out of the norm and bit and try some of the other delicious items as well like the Dixie picnic basket and tomato pie.  Fear not in making an adventurous choice, the staff is happy to carefully explain each dish and they take great care in ensuring you are more than comfortable with your order.  

My one must have for you, the absolute, you must order this, must have, is the house made oatmeal cream pie. It tastes as if fresh out of the oven with the slightest bourbon flavoring in the frosting.