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Mar 12, 2020

14 St. Paddy's Day Parties and Bar Crawls Happening Saturday

Posted by Amanda Erskine • Where To Drink

This week, not only are Clorox wipes and cans of Lysol flying off the shelves, but green attire and accessories are also disappearing quickly with the approaching lucky holiday. While the official date of St. Patrick's Day falls on next Tuesday, you can expect to see the streets of Charlotte flowing with green this Saturday to allow for that necessary, next-day of recovery. So where can you expect to find green beer, shamrock suspenders, and ample "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirts?


  1. 3rd Annual Shamrock Jam at Queen Park Social 12pm-10pm | Free-$10
  2. Day Drunk: St. Patrick’s Day Party at Recess Charlotte 4pm-9pm | Free
  3. Saint Patrick’s Day Par-Tay at Sycamore Brewing 1:00pm-8:00pm | Free-$10
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Party at Howl at The Moon 12pm-2am | Free
  5. St. Party’s Day Party at The Pint The Casual Pint-Rivergate 11am-11:30pm | Free
  6. St. Patrick’s Day Bash at Tin Roof 6pm-2am | Free
  7. Luck of the Irish St. Paddy’s Day Party at Caswell Station 9am-10am| Free, $$ for some activities 
  8. St. Patricks Get Lucky Bash at Roxbury 7:30pm | $7

Bar Crawls

  1. Lucky's St. Patrick's Day Crawl 4pm-12am | $25
  2. Kiss Me, I'm Irish: Charlotte St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl at Carolina Ale House 2pm-2am |$15-$45
  3. Shamrockin’ South End Saint Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl at Slate Charlotte 12pm-2am Free
  4. RESCHEDULED-JUNE 27th Rich and Bennet’s 20th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl 12pm-10pm | $20

Other St. Patrick's Day Events

  1. CANCELLED Green River Revival at US White Water Center 9am-7pm Free, $$ for some activities 
  2. Mixology with Bob Peter’s St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails at Earl’s Grocery 2:30pm-3:30pm |Free

If you are planning on attending any of these events that have not yet been cancelled, please take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of disease, and wash. your. hands!!!

Mar 12, 2020

Event Recap: 14th Annual Beers, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival

Posted by Dara Brewton • Nightlife Events

If you were in Uptown this past weekend, you may have gotten a whiff of the savory aromas coming out of the Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ festival. On Saturday, just outside of the Panther’s stadium, the festival celebrated its 14th year in the Queen City.

Tickets got you a commemorative sampling glass so that you could get your fill of the 60+ beers and 40+ types of bourbon that were being freely poured. Attendees were welcome to get “all-you-care-to-taste” samples. In addition to the free-flowing booze, there were also several award-winning BBQ carts as well–VIP ticket holders also got a free plate of food included!

Surprisingly, the unlimited sampling didn’t cause any disturbances (at least not during the three hours I was there.) Everybody was having a great time tossing back samples, nibbling on fried pickles and pulled pork, and jamming to the live music. The throwback songs played by the band had people dancing and singing along. No one was belligerent, and only a handful of people were getting sloppy. Not too bad for an all you can drink event. 

I did my own fair share of sampling, to be sure. I’m not much of a beer drinker so my favorites for the day ended up being an Apple Pie Moonshine from Sugarlands, a Cherry Key Lime sour from Wicked Weed, and a margarita in a can from Cayman Jack. My least favorite sample would have to be a really dark peanut butter espresso beer.

I was also lucky enough to hop in line and snag some pulled pork samples. It was truly delicious, but I’m one of those people that likes to live in denial and thinks meat originates at the grocery store and doesn’t actually come from animals. So, seeing the whole hog...it was superbly delicious though. I have to admit.

Speaking of food, unfortunately, one of the BBQ vendors that was scheduled to be in attendance didn’t show up. So, the five that did show started to run out of food around 5 o’clock, an hour before the end of the festival. Fortunately, I didn’t miss out completely and got my hands on a Hot Mess Platter. Piles of chicken, pork, and brisket with mac-n-cheese, spicy corn, and baked beans on the side. Oh, and of course I grabbed a funnel cake on my way out because you have to eat funnel cake at a festival.

If you have never made it out to the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ festival before, you definitely need to mark your calendar for next year. It is a super fun and delicious experience–and I mentioned it was all-you-can-drink, right?

Mar 06, 2020

4 Bachelor Finale Viewing Parties Charlotte Knew You Needed

Posted by Amanda Erskine • Where To Go

Love is on the air...

And if you are between the ages of 10 and 65, chances are, you have heard of the reality tv show, The Bachelor and at one point or another have watched it. Over the past 5 years, the show has only increased in popularity, and Mondays at 8pm, millennials everywhere plop down in front of their TVs with full glasses of red wine, ready to watch women their age or younger, strive to find love and a FabFitFun partnership. 

So naturally, with the highly anticipated final episode of the season airing this Tuesday, it would be silly to spend this night in your normal viewing stance at home on the couch. Charlotte is a city that knows it's residents, and when the people call, she answers. This time she answered by providing a handful of Bachelor finale viewing parties for you to flaunt your reality tv-loving self. After-all, a Bachelor finale is meant to be dramatic, so let us point you in the direction of the best places that you can be just as dramatic this Tuesday night. 

1. Bachelor Season Finale Watch Party at Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina: What pairs better with watching 23 year olds say that they're ready for marriage than wine? Tequila. Enjoy some in the form of a Margarita at Vida, along with an appetizer bar filled with quesadillas, taquitos, chipotle queso dip, and more, this Monday! 

2. The Bachelor Finale, Part One & Yoga Flow: Perhaps the way that Bachelor was meant to be watched was with a peaceful and mindful yoga class beforehand. If you tend to get keyed up from watching the Bachelor continuously make poor decisions, then this viewing party is the one for you. Join Resident Culture on Monday, for an hour slow flow before the show starts, including a drink ticket to further ease the stress away.

3. Bachelor Finale Viewing Party at Lost & Found: If you are looking to ball out for the bachelor, boy have we found the viewing party for you. Lost & Found has partnered with all of the things that will make a Bachelor super fan break out their wallets immediately, and that INCLUDES Grocery Store Joe. If you like an open bar and swag bags, plus photo ops, Lost & Found has covered all of your bases, this Tuesday!

4. The Bachelor Finale Watch Party in the Green Room: Fan-girling over The Bachelor wouldn't be complete without a themed drink. Luckily, the Green Room is taking care of that detail for you. Enjoy Bachelor inspired cocktails and apps at Tin Roof's The Green Room this Monday, for a casual, yet cute night out. 

Feb 27, 2020

14 Charlotte Cocktail Bars You Need To Try

Posted by Amanda Erskine • Where To Drink

Craft beer is great and all, but there's something about a nice, craft cocktail that can elevate any night out. Lucky for us, Charlotte is crawling with some of the most talented cocktail artists, and our options for where we can enjoy a beautifully crafted drink are far and wide. Whether you're a cocktail aficionado, or just looking to get a drink that will really complement your Instagram feed, here are 14 of our favorite cocktail bars around the city.  

  • City Lights Rooftop: Located Uptown, with a 360-degree view of the city, this spot is sure to win you over with their colorful and light-up furniture and delicious concoctions. 

Our recommendation: The Sparkle & Pop

  • Crunkleton: A transplant from up the road in Chapel Hill, The Crunkleton has become a staple in the Elizabeth area of Charlotte, known for their delicious cocktails and intimate atmosphere. 

Our recommendation: Elderflower Sour

  • Dot, Dot, Dot: This award-winning spot, located behind Park Road Shopping Center has everything you could possibly want in a cocktail bar: Mood lighting, live jazz music, experienced bartenders, and delicious food.

 Our recommendation: Mexican Firing Squad

  • Elsewhere: Dedicated to those who have found their home in Charlotte but have come from elsewhere, this new concept by Wooden Robot Ownerswas envisioned as the perfect place to pop in and grab a pre-dinner or apres-dinner cocktail.

Our recommendation: The Roaring 20

  • Haberdish: NoDa's hub for good 'ol Southern Cooking is also a hub for some pretty delicious cocktails. Whether you're looking to pair it with a family-style serving of mac-and cheese, or just enjoy it at the bar, the cocktails are sure to impress. 

Our recommendation: The Honey Bee and the Buzzing Monk

  • Farenheit: Another famous Charlotte rooftop bar known for it's views, fire pits, and proposals, has been serving up cocktails to this city for quite sometime. If you're looking for any of the above, Farenheit is the place to venture. 

Our recommendation: Universally Accepted

  • Member's Only: Plaza Midwood's newest cocktail bar is making a splash in Charlotte with it's whimsical design and Instagram-worthy wooden swing.

Our recommendation: The Member's Only

  • Merchant & Trade: Yet another rooftop bar, this one provides views of BB&T ballpark, and quick access to some of the most delicious Italian food in Charlotte, should you choose to eat at Angeline's before or after your aperitif. 

Our recommendation: Hot Crossed Buns

  • Sophia's Lounge: Named for Queen Sophia Charlotte, this cocktail lounge located in The Ivey's Hotel, is fit for a queen. Lounge on velvet couches while sipping delicious and beautifully crafted cocktails that will make you feel like actual royalty.

Our recommendation: Queen City Collins

  • Tattoo: A joint concept from Soul Gastrolounge Co-owners, this intimate cocktail bar is in the same space as new French-Mediterranean restaurant, Kiki Bistronome. Each month they feature a classic cocktail reimagined in all of the many different forms that it can be created in. 

Our recommendation: The Cocktail of the Month

  • The Punch Room: Another cocktail lounge that calls a hotel home, The Punch Room is a perfect stop for your next staycation at the Ritz. Here you can get spirit-based punches, and drinks served in a Porthole infuser.

Our recommendation: Sage On The Coast

  • Zeppelin: Located in millennial wonderland, we mean South End, this restaurant pulls crowds constantly who are anxious to try the experimental cocktails and eat the mouth-watering food produced by this unique restaurant. We assure you that after your first visit, you'll want to come right back.

Our recommendation: Alexander Covington

Feb 25, 2020

Locals and transplants alike will love South End's newest cocktail bar, Elsewhere

Posted by Laura Gregory • Southend Nightlife

Elsewhere, Southend’s newest cocktail bar, opened on February 5, 2020 in the Design Center courtyard off Camden Road. Its location is cleverly nestled in between new and popular restaurants such as Superica, Hawkers, and Barcelona Wine Bar, which is no coincidence-- Elsewhere was envisioned as the perfect place to pop in and grab a pre-dinner or apres-dinner cocktail. 

The idea behind Elsewhere is so simple yet ingenious that many aspiring bar owners are probably kicking themselves for not thinking of it first: owner Josh Patton has stated that his inspiration was found in the many residents of Charlotte who are not originally from the Queen City, but have moved here-- in other words, they’re from Elsewhere. “The idea is to borrow from the brewery model a bit and have a few core drinks on our menu but rotate through a wide variety of unique, interesting, innovative cocktails as well,” said Patton, who is an expert in the industry-- he’s also the CEO of well-known and loved Southend brewery Wooden Robot. When we visited Elsewhere, we were anticipating the same levels of creativity and attention to detail that Patton has shown in his execution of Wooden Robot, and we weren’t disappointed. 

Grab your suitcases and passports, and read on to learn more about our trip to Elsewhere.


When we first stepped inside, we were asked to become members-- pretty standard for most cocktail bars in Charlotte these days. We did note that the member rules did seem to be a bit stricter than other places: memberships were $5.00*, and each member could only bring one guest at a time (unlike other places that allow multiple guests per member). Not the hugest inconvenience, but something to be aware of. (*NOTE: The membership price will increase after February 2020 to $10.00, so go now and get your spot!)

The space inside Elsewhere is a mix of industrial chic and a vintage antique shop-- the open shelving at the bar and painted brick facade lent to a modern, open space but there were cozy, kitschy touches like vintage suitcases piled in a corner and maps of various far-away places scattered across the walls. There are multiple seats at the bar, as well as intimate corners with couches, ottomans, and leather stools for larger groups. Tucked in the corner is a spiral staircase that leads up to a narrow hallway above the bar-- we were told that plans are in the works to add seating upstairs. For now, it adds a layer of aesthetics and visual depth to the space.


As far as the main event-- the drinks-- they were delicious and had options for every cocktail lover. Their menu was divided into two sections, “Another Place” (inspired by the Elsewheres of the world), and “Another Time,” which the menu described as “modern twists on classics for nostalgic tastes.” 

We’d recommend the Roaring 2020 ($12) from the Another Time menu-- Tanqueray gin, green chartreuse, lime, simple syrup, and fresh basil served in a coupe martini glass. 

Also notable was the Queen’s Park Swizzle ($12), made with Captain Morgan white rum, lime, cane simple, mint, angostura and Peychaud’s bitters, and mint sprig. The helpful bartender said that one of Elsewhere’s most popular drinks is the Painkiller ($13)-- cruzan blackstrap & pusser’s rums, coconut, pineapple, orange, and lime served over ice in a pineapple-shaped glass.

We also noted-- and loved-- that drinks in highball or pineapple glasses came with a metal straw. Environmentally friendly? Check. Delicious drinks? Check. Cozy interiors? Check. Elsewhere ticks all the boxes and we will definitely be returning for another foreign-inspired adventure.

To visit Elsewhere in person, their address is 101 W. Worthington Street, Suite 140, Charlotte NC 28203-- they’re located in the alley in between Barcelona Wine Bar and Superica.

To visit Elsewhere online, check them out here; or visit them on Instagram or Facebook.