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Apr 18, 2019

This Weekend, Go On a Queen City Brewery Bike Tour in Freemorewest

Posted by Katie Vaas • Nightlife Reviews

The rains have finally stopped! Or at least for the foreseeable future.  This means, hopefully, that the pollen has all been washed away and we can enjoy the beautiful spring weather Charlotte is about to gift to us. In order to truly maximize this glorious time in the Queen City, let me offer you a splendid road map for a bit of a biking brewery tour of the Freemorewest side of the city:

Please note, if you are not a fan of biking, alternative methods of transportation that enable you to still enjoy the great outdoors, and the Charlotte Greenway, are Scooters (Lime or Bird) and your lovely own two feet.

·         Stop 1: Blue Blaze Brewing. Located at 528 S Turner, we are going to start away from Uptown and move our way along the Greenway in towards the city.  Blue Blaze is a rustic log cabin/ski chalet type establishment where the beers are named for different hiking trails and markers.  They have free snacks and fire pits for s’mores at night.  My particular favorite is the Pink Blaze but it isn’t always on tap.  A tried but true goodie is the Blue Blaze and one of their staple pours.

·         Stop 2: Town Brewing. Making your way down the Greenway towards Uptown, this early portion is going to be the greatest distance you will need to cover.  Hence, why it is early on the path, after only a beer or two you should be able to make it easily.  Town is located right next to Rhino Market at 800 Grandin and is a phenomenal new spot complete with a retro bus out front.  The names of the brews are all unique and a bit punny.  I enjoy the fruit-infused goses and haven’t had a bad one yet.

·         Stop 3: Rhino Market is conveniently across from Town and a great option to grab a little snack, a beverage for rehydration and also maybe another beverage of choice. Regrouping here is always a good idea and enjoyment of the back patio is key.

·         Stop 4: Clutch Kitchen & Pour House, formerly the location of Draught is up next located at 601 S. Cedar St.  They boast great specials and views of the panthers Stadium where one can sip on a cold one and daydream about fall and football.

·         Stop 5: This is where the truly committed are called to task.  The trek to the final destination is not bac, but a bit winding through the Greenway path behind Clutch towards Gateway Village and where the journey ends at the Pub at Gateway.  The food here is the perfect solution for the an end of crawl location and despite the ongoing construction, is typically filed with friendly faces.  

Apr 03, 2019

Your Guide to attending your first Charlotte Knight's Game

Posted by Amanda Erskine • Nightlife Events

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means- Baseball season is back! I am truly not a sports person who goes to the game to watch the game. I’m all about the experience, and Knights baseball games are THE most fun sporting events to go to if you aren’t a sports fan. I’m sure they’re fun for sports fans too, but I can’t relate. This Thursday is the first game of the 2019 season, and attending one or many of our Triple-A White Sox affiliate team’s games is something you should include on your Charlotte bucket-list. If you’ve never been to a Knights game because you’re new to town, have never gotten around to going, or just don’t care enough about baseball to even waste your time, I’m providing you with the guide to attending your first Knights game.

1. If you want to watch the game but don’t necessarily want to deal with people continuously asking for you to stand so they can slide past you on their way to the bathrooms/concessions, then standing room only tickets are the way to go! Not to mention, the cheapest option for the folks on a strict budget! Get them for $9 and just stand in the designated area to watch the game or socialize.

2. Don’t like to go anywhere without your dog? The Knights have you covered. Each season, they set aside a handful of games where you and your furry friend can enjoy the game and meet all of the other dog parents of the city. Mark your calendars for Monday, April 8th, June 3rd, July 28th, and August 26th (A.K.A. National Dog Day!).

3. Go to Friday night games if you want to see some good ol’ fashioned baseball game fireworks. Every Friday, the Knights games will end with a literal bang, in the form of fireworks. It’s not quite the same as Disney’s $50 million per year budget show, but it’s pretty dang close.

4. Thirsty Thursdays are the best way to spend your Thursday. Every Thursday during the season, get $3 domestic beers, $5 craft beers, and $1 small sodas!

5. Try the signature Knight’s beer by Birdsong Brewing Company, All Knight Long. This 4.5% ABV Belgian ale will now be available for purchase at the park in cans, and also in select outlets across NC!

6. Sabor Latin Grill will be serving up Latin street food throughout the season. Get ready for empanadas, tacos, nachos, and Elote Loco (Mexican -style corn on the cob). Find Sabor near the third baseline!

7. Don’t pass up on getting Dippin’ Dots in a plastic Knights Hat. It’s tradition.

8. April 7TH is Homer the Dragon’s 30th birthday. Celebrate the Knight’s mascot, Homer, as he turns 30, flirty, and thriving. The first 2,000 fans will receive a Homer the Dragon Birthday Bobblehead that will be the perfect, new coffee table accessory.

9.There are 4 different opportunities to go home with a specialty bobblehead! Including Homer’s birthday, you can also be the lucky winner of a brand-new bobble head. The other dates are May 14th, June 9th, and July 27th.

10. Parking is available! If you insist on not taking an Uber or a Lyft to the game, there are a handful of parking decks around the stadium to choose from that are within walking-distance.


 *Cover photo by: milb.com

Apr 02, 2019

Charlotte-based Warm Weather Activities We’re looking Forward to

Posted by Amanda Erskine • Nightlife Reviews

Nothing makes me happier than the weather giving me approval to toss all of my sweaters into a pile to be packed away, and take out my poor, long-lost shorts and tank tops out of their storage jail. With the exception of today (hello, snow in April!), warm weather has officially graced us. My friend got sunburnt sitting on an outdoor patio for 2 hours last weekend, and I requested an outdoor table at the two restaurants I visited last week. With that being said, there have been a ton of Charlotte activities that I’ve been counting down the days until I could do them. Here is a list of activities that I will be checking off on my Charlotte-Warm-Weather Bucket List.

  1. Porch Drinking. Pick your favorite brewery or restaurant with a porch or patio to match your vibe.
  2. River Jam at the Whitewater Center.  Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 6pm and running from May-September! Bring a blanket, crazy creek, and your dog.
  3. Alive after Five at Rooftop 210. Every Thursday starting at 6pm! Live music and drinks on a rooftop patio in the middle of Charlotte.
  4. Craft City Social Club.  Don’t live at a luxury apartment with a pool? No worries, Craft City Social Club, located at the top of the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, has you covered. The only pool social club in Charlotte, Craft City Social Club allows you to hang by the pool and enjoy drinks, food, and games all summer long until September.
  5. Carowinds. Two weekends ago, the park had their season grand opening where they introduced their newest ride, Copperhead Strike.
  6. U.S. National Whitewater Center. For $59, you can spend the whole day white water rafting, ziplining, Stand-Up Paddle boarding, Kayaking, and rock climbing. Then you can round out the day with a cold beer and a delicious burger at River’s Edge, their on-site restaurant. Don’t miss their annual festival, Tuck Fest, happening April 25-28!
  7. The Quarry at Carrigan Farms. Have you been looking for a good place to jump off some rocks and into a body of water? Coincidentally, we know of just the place. Carrigan Farms in Mooresville offers Open Swim on select days of the season, where you can do exactly that. Open Swim is an alcohol-free event that costs $15 per person. The Open Swim season begins on May 27th, so check their website for details!
  8. Boating SZN. Having a friend with a boat has been a crucial part of a native Charlottean’s life since elementary school, and it is still necessary. Motor on over to the Sandbar to join hundreds of other boaters, or zip over to one of the dock-friendly restaurants and bars.
  9. Trolley Pub. One of the most fun activities in Charlotte, if you’re looking to blend exertion and alcohol, Trolley Pubs allow you and 13 of your friends to have your own, personal bar crawl through Charlotte, all while pedaling and drinking.
  10. Charlotte Cycleboats. The hydraulic version of the Trolley Pub, Charlotte Cycleboats bring the fun of pedaling and simultaneously drinking to Lake Norman. Up to 15 people can enjoy a private boat ride for $540, or you and a couple of friends can purchase individual tickets to their open party mixer cruises, and make some new friends along the way. 
  11. Charlotte Knights Baseball Games. With the spring, comes baseball season and with that comes Thirsty Thursdays! $3 domestics and $5 craft beers all while watching America's favorite pasttime. 

Mar 25, 2019

Girls Nights Out in Charlotte in Your 20s vs. 30s

Posted by Katie Vaas • Nightlife Reviews

Girls nights. The topic of so many movies, memes, and “morning after” stories. One can not deny the fun, bonding, and occasional innocent mischief these evenings bring about. However, they also evolve. Girls Nights in your 20s vs. in your 30s have the same intent- a time to let loose and enjoy fun times and good chats with your girlfriends. However, what happens during them tend to be fairly different. Now, I will caveat the preceding sentences with the recognition that they are a broad generalization and many may disagree with me. However, I shall share from my perspective and the perspective of my gal pals. In our 20s, girls nights happened just about every weekend. We would go to each other’s apartments to get ready and pregame. Sometimes that meant eating dinner and sometimes that meant a beverage or two. Outfits were figured out, make-up flew around and flat irons and curlers were plugged into any open outlets. Then we would hit the town. Typically, we would start at a neighborhood favorite, beloved for its cozy, occasionally grimey, but all around homey-feeling vibes.  Some that come to mind that fit this genre in Charlotte are:

Then, once enough liquid courage had been mustered, we would hit the nearest dance floor. Some great hot spots of these in Charlotte would be:

The night may or may not end in pizza (like from Fuel) or a solid diner (like Midnight Diner). Now, in our 30s, girls nights for my friends and I have become much more low key and sophisticated.  Or so we like to think…

We prefer for them to be less of a production in terms of getting ready. Often setting expectations in the group text with statements like “I will most likely wear leggings, a cute top, and I may wash my hair...if I feel ambitious.” Typically, these nights also stick to one location vs. jumping around getting in all the things and seeing all the people; rather, we stay focused and we settle in.  Some spots we may post up for a marathon chat session would include:

Other evenings are more focused on the food. We want some good food and do not mind if the meal takes 2-3 hours.  As, it enables all the chatting, all the wine tasting, and all the fun.  A few of these that top my list of recommendations are:

Sure, there are differences in Girls Nights between the two decades, but that evolution is fun.  The same benefits from a Girls Night Out remain, though, a lot of chatting, bonding, and comradery, with just the right amounts of mischief are sure to bring about lasting memories.  

Mar 20, 2019

Heist Brewery and Barrell Arts has been opened for a month! Here's what you need to know

Posted by Katie Vaas • Nightlife Reviews

The words I am currently typing have been long awaited and much anticipated (by myself and my neighbors). Heist Brewery and Barrell Arts has opened!!! Located at 1030 Woodward Avenue, nestled behind the (fairly) new Double Oaks Pool and a block away from Camp North End, sits this amazing new area hot spot.  It is vast in both its indoor square footage, very cool beer garden, and parking which gives it many attributes that make for an appealing hang out location.

Owned and operated by the same folks as Charlotte’s OG brewery, Heist, the Barrell Arts location does not disappoint on its offerings.  Having officially opened on February 21, the location has wasted little time in bringing on the fun and events to the area. They have already held: a grand opening party, ACC game watches, animal adoption events, a can release, and organized a great calendar of weekly and larger upcoming events.

Already scheduled is something every…

  • Day/Evening is a food truck!  Eventually the location will have its own full kitchen (fingers crossed for another amazing BRUNCH buffet!!!) but for now there is a great rotation of trucks and snacks available behind the bar (crunchy Cheetos are all I had eyes for).

  • Monday at 6:30 pm, starting on March 25th, will be the Heist Brewery Run Club.  The initial run will also be a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society with raffle tickets and $1 donated from every beer sold.

  • Tuesday night at 6:30 pm, one can enjoy some yoga and a beer.  Then, you are going to say, “namaste” (sorry, I had to) because trivia starts at 7:30 pm.

  • Wednesday night at Live Music night where they will feature a local artist either in the taproom or out in the beer garden.

An additional event to keep on your radar is Friday, May 3 1pm-11pm for the Official Unofficial Untapped Pregame that is being held to kickoff first ever Untappd Festival at Bank of America Stadium.